Thursday, November 15, 2018

LS Anders : Pre-order Available Now!

LS Anders : Pre-order Available Now!: Pre-order Available Now! Cael: Mythical Ink Series (book 3) Every good girl deserves a naughty angel...

Pre-order Available Now!

Pre-order Available Now!

Cael: Mythical Ink Series (book 3)

Every good girl deserves a naughty angel

Cocked, locked, and ready to rock...
This angel is on vacation and eager to plow his way through as much food, drink, and women that New York City has to offer. With only a two-week window to gorge himself on everything he can get his hands on, Cael is delighted that the opposite sex finds him so irresistible. When the one woman he wants above all others doesn’t return his affections, he embarks on a new mission to win her over.
Instantly taken with the gorgeous blond that saunters into her life, Rachel finds she isn’t the only woman that shares in her attraction. Not trusting in the opposite sex, she rebuffs his relentless pursuits. When he refuses to take no for an answer, she finds herself outwitted into a date, but is unprepared for the torrent of emotions that follow. When he reveals his true self to her, Rachel becomes furious with what she assumes is a tasteless prank and dismisses him from her life.
When tragedy strikes, their destinies collide. Now Cael must find a way to lead his lady love out of the only world she has ever known and into his without losing her for a second time.

Monday, September 3, 2018

New Release!

New Release!

Sevin: Mythical Ink Series (book 2)

FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Being the son of a wolf pack leader means nothing when your mother is a human. Cast out of his pack because of his impure blood, Sevin’s misfortune takes a turn for the better when he’s literally adopted off the street by two otherworldly males.

That’s where his good luck ends. Destined to be mateless because wolf-shifter females find him repulsive and human women can’t know of his existence, one-night stands become a staple for this affection-starved canine.

Despite being sheltered in the protection of his new family, Sevin continues to be relentlessly hounded by the younger males in his former pack. When he’s grievously injured by their endless pursuits, he finds himself rescued off the streets for a second time. 

Plain Janie has never been a blip on men’s radars until she stumbles upon a sinfully sexy stranger in an alley. Naked and injured, the nurse in her rushes to his aid while the woman in her fights to control her scorching attraction. 

But her mysterious stranger proves to be more than meets the eye. When she secretly learns he’s more than human, an overwhelming protectiveness flares to life as she skirts the edge of illicit activity to safeguard his species from discovery. 

Finally giving into her carnal desires, Janie isn't prepared for what Sevin has to offer. His anatomy being nothing like a man’s sets her body on fire while his irresistible charm captures her heart and soul. 
Gladly setting aside his whoring days for a woman who quenches his every desire, Sevin is unaware rival wolf-shifters are encroaching on his former pack’s territory. When those who already caused him harm add insult to injury by involving Janie in their melee, Sevin will do anything to get her back. Even teaming up with his enemies to do it.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Teaser Time!
Sevin: Mythical Ink Series (book 2) Coming in August
Copyright © LS Anders 2018
~Unedited snippit~
Janie was merely a few feet away from him, but she missed him with a longing she wasn’t prepared for. Yet, here she was wrapping her coat more tightly around herself against the bracing cold, feet planted on a frigid sidewalk while strangers side-stepped around her, and armed with a ridiculous notion that was sending her on this quest to steal blood samples from the hospital because she believed Sevin was something other than a man.
Instead of returning to the warmth and safety of her apartment and back into the arms of a man that looked at her as if she’d invented the moon, she was crossing the street and trudging purposely forward, toward her goal. The very real possibility hanging like a noose around her neck that if she were caught, she could go to jail or at the very least lose her job.
The constriction was growing tighter with every step towards her destination. There was no denying the anxiety squirming behind her sternum that she needed to retrieve those samples.

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🔥Vex: Mythical Ink Series (book 1)🔥
The demon, and the fairy, and an extraordinary love that won't be denied! Can you handle this demon's heat? 
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~Paranormal Spin-off of the Exotic Ink Series~
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