Sunday, July 1, 2018

Teaser Time!
Sevin: Mythical Ink Series (book 2) Coming in August
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Janie was merely a few feet away from him, but she missed him with a longing she wasn’t prepared for. Yet, here she was wrapping her coat more tightly around herself against the bracing cold, feet planted on a frigid sidewalk while strangers side-stepped around her, and armed with a ridiculous notion that was sending her on this quest to steal blood samples from the hospital because she believed Sevin was something other than a man.
Instead of returning to the warmth and safety of her apartment and back into the arms of a man that looked at her as if she’d invented the moon, she was crossing the street and trudging purposely forward, toward her goal. The very real possibility hanging like a noose around her neck that if she were caught, she could go to jail or at the very least lose her job.
The constriction was growing tighter with every step towards her destination. There was no denying the anxiety squirming behind her sternum that she needed to retrieve those samples.

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