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A Sneak Peek of Chapter One: Unedited! Tegan- Exotic Ink Series: Book Two

Chapter 1 What was it about this man that made her heart race and her pussy quiver? He didn't even have to be paying her any attention for her to have these reactions to him. As a matter of fact, he currently had his back turned towards her as he was tattooing a shoulder piece on his client, concentrating solely on the design he was making into permanent art on his living breathing canvas. Rayna had only a partial view of his muscular back and long lustrous black hair, but that wasn't going to deter her from drinking in as much of him as she could see. And what a view he was. Every time he stretched a sinewy arm out to dip his tattoo gun into an ink cup, the cotton of his shirt would stretch with him, outlining the muscles as they bunched and bulged beneath the material. Exotic Ink Tattoo Studio was one of those rare shops where each artist was given a room for their own personal work space. Hers sat across the hall and catty-corner from the object of her intense infatuation… Tegan Steele. He was literally tall, dark, and sinful. A scrumptious morsel of a man that she wanted nothing more than to know the feel of his perfectly groomed goateed face buried between her thighs, which was a highly inappropriate thought to be having for a new widow. For the love... she should be mourning her dead spouse not eye fucking one of her co-workers. But there was no help for it, she had no control over her reactions to him. They had kissed once.... well twice, but the second kiss didn't count because she was thanking him for intervening on her friend and co-worker, Callie’s, behalf. It had been nothing more than an impulsive pop kiss that had been executed in the most pathetically shy way possible, catching him completely off guard. She had raised up on her tip-toes, as he was quite a bit taller than her, and had crashed her lips into his. It was a sad little kiss that left her feeling awkward and had left Tegan with his black as a raven’s wing eyebrows raised in shocked surprise. She still cringed over her execution of that kiss but was grateful for what he had done for her friend. Tegan’s best friend and roommate, Vehn Mathieu, was being a hard-headed pain in the ass about forgiving Callie over a misunderstanding that should have never happened. Those two had fallen hard in love with each other and anyone with eyes in their heads could see it, but instead of talking to each other and sorting their issues, they’d made everyone else around them miserable by moping around like two lost love-sick puppies. Thanksgiving had come and gone with still no resolution in sight between the two. Finally, Tegan had had enough of their bullshit and had tricked the two into a meeting, locking them in together until they kissed and made up. Well, it had worked and just a few short weeks later, Vehn had dropped to one knee and proclaimed his undying love for Callie and practically begged her to marry him. Rayna was immensely happy for the pair and was glad that her friend had found her true love, but feelings of extreme jealousy kept cropping up every time she saw the two together making her feel like a crappy friend and a complete failure as a woman. As a matter of fact, she was surrounded by happy couples. The shop was plagued with them, with the exception of Evana, the owner of Exotic Ink, whom had also lost her husband, Kyle. He had been a good bit older than her, but was still way too young to have died. Evana had been devastated when he’d suddenly collapsed from a blockage to his left anterior descending coronary artery and was dead within moments. He had died in Evana’s arms on the third floor of the building where the studio was nestled beneath. Kyle, now Evana owned the entire building. Located in a in the SoHo area of Manhattan, albeit an older not very ornate structure, it was still considered some serious real-estate to be had in the city. It would be going on four years this summer since his death. If she concentrated hard enough, she could still hear the rumble of his voice filtering down the studios narrow hallway. Kyle Grey was a legend in the tattoo industry and she had been lucky enough to have apprenticed under him. He had been a master in the art of tattooing and could design and execute anything onto human skin with expert precision. He had taught her all styles but had ferreted out and developed her specialties which were fine line and Japanese design, making her one of the best in the city. Rayna missed Kyle like she would an older brother, if she’d had one. As for her husband, Brent? She strangely no longer missed him and he had been dead only 6 months. She had not mourned his death with the same intensity as Evana had mourned Kyle. She often wondered what that said about her. Wondered why she had been so unlovable to her husband of 8 years… but she knew the reason. She wanted to believe he wasn’t deserving of her grief, because of the way he had died. Tried every day to convince herself of that to appease her guilty conscience. Brent hadn’t died in her arms like Kyle had Evana’s. No. Brent had died in the arms of another woman… with his dick jammed all up in her vagina and she couldn’t stop herself from feeling solely responsible for driving him into the bed of another woman because of her antiquated upbringing and lack of sexual experience. Cale, the studios piercing artist momentarily blocked her view as he swaggered passed with his client, explaining how to care for her new belly ring, abruptly jerking her out of her melancholy meanderings and back to the present and remembering she was still sitting on her artist stool, staring across the hall like a love-sick schoolgirl. Yep. There went the other half of yet another happy couple. Cale was the fiancĂ© of the studios loveable pixie-like receptionist, Avie. They were on their way to the alter in less a week. A spectacular spring wedding that had been planned within an inch of its life. Rayna, along with Evana, Callie, and Callie’s BFF Dylan were all bridesmaids. Arin, Avie’s best friend would be leading the pack, holding the title of maid of honor. She was honored to have been included in the ceremony, but again was riddle with jealousy over the couple’s happily ever after. Tegan appeared to be finishing up with his client as he was smoothing antiseptic ointment over the fresh design. Turning her back before he caught her ogling, she glanced at her watch. Shit. She didn’t have much time before her next client was due. Instead of drooling on her shoes, she should have been readying her work table for her next client. She hated that stressed feeling of being rushed. Quickly setting up her table, she gathered the chosen colors she was planning to use on her client’s design. Carefully squeezing the right amount of pigment into each ink cup, she didn’t notice Tegan watching her from the doorway. “Hey T, you’re gonna join all of us out for dinner tonight. Vehn was able to get us a private room at the Burger and Barrel,” Callie’s exuberance drew Rayna’s head around. “You’re going to Barbie girl. It’s gonna be Vehn-tastic. I’ve been craving one of those homemade root beers and they have all that micro-brewed shit you love so much, T.” “Pfft. Ever heard of asking?” Tegan grumbled. “Nope. Don’t need to ‘cause you’re both going,” Callie answered, doing a little dance around him as she made her way to the reception desk. Tegan crossed his arms, shaking his head at Callie, watching her a moment before turning his icy blue gaze on Rayna. That glacial blue stare always managed to blaze a hot trail straight to the center of her core, reducing her to nothing more than a concentrated throbbing clit. “They do have really good burgers,” Rayna offered breathlessly, no longer able to remain still under his intense scrutiny. She could never decide what was going on inside his head, forever uncertain of what he thought of her. He had the ultimate poker face, always sporting the same stoic expression. She knew at one point he was attracted to her, but she wasn’t so sure anymore. Maybe he was as disgusted with her as she was herself for not properly mourning her husband. Then, Tegan’s eyes swept slowly over her entire body, touching her in a way she longed for his hands to do, sending another rush of heat to her core and quickening her pulse. Those icy blue’s melted and the corner of his sculpted lip turned up as if he knew the effect he had on her. Swaying towards him, she would have dropped her panties right there had he told her to. Watching intently as he wet his lips, she took a step forward… only to be blocked by Avie’s bubble gum pink head, breaking her trance as it popped around the corner of her doorway announcing her client’s arrival. Dazed, she could merely blink trying to make sense of the receptionist’s words. Looking into those big whiskey colored eyes always made her think of sage’s of old. That she somehow held wisdom beyond her years when actually, the girl was barely going to be able to toast with Champagne at her own wedding. “Um… ok. Send her on back. Thanks, Avie,” she answered absently. That unearthly aura that always seemed to surround the girl’s small stature remained in the doorway even after she’d returned to the lobby. There was something ethereal about that girl. Rayna couldn’t put her finger on what it was exactly that made her such an enigma. No one could for that matter. She had an uncanny ability to know what other’s needed before they even realized it themselves. Or she would verbalize something that hadn’t yet happened and viola… fiction became reality. “Guess we better get back to work,” Tegan’s eye’s lingered on her lips a bit longer, running the tip of his tongue along his full bottom lip before he turned, heading back across the hall. “Hi, Rayna. Oh, I love your dress, the color is so becoming on you,” Elisa, always upbeat, came bouncing through her door, pausing long enough to give her a quick hug before continuing on to the changing room to slip out of her slacks. Momentarily hypnotized from the pink tip of Tegan’s tongue and recalling thoughts of what that particular part of his anatomy could make her feel, she shook herself getting with the program. Everyone in the studio thought they were having some sort of secret illicit affair, when it was anything but and wished she was having as much fun as everybody thought. Allowing Elisa to get settled onto her client chair, Rayna examined the existing tattoo. It was a rather large intricate floral design done entirely in black and grey, the piece already covered her client’s calf and would end on the top of her foot. There were plans to do the other leg, which was going to be more difficult since it would have to match exactly, a mirror image when she stood with her legs together. But that was fine with Rayna. She adored challenging designs, the more complex the better she liked it. “Alright, Elisa, we should be able to finish this leg today, but the top of the foot is going to hurt, so if you need a break or want to stop, just let me know,” Rayna reassured her client. “Alright, thanks sweetie,” Elisa returned her smile and reached for the headset that would pump Sirus radio of her choosing into her ears. “But, I think I’ll find some spa-like tunes and try to bloke out the pain.” “Of course.” Once the girl had the headphones in place and eye’s closed, Rayna placed a gloved hand on her client’s foot letting her know it was time to get started. Touching her toe to the pedal that would bring her tattoo gun to life, her brain went on auto-pilot while her libido wandered off towards more lustful thoughts. Brushing aside the embarrassing thoughts of that second kiss, she sent her brain into reverse drawing forth the memories of that first kiss. That scorching moment in time she had masturbated to many a nights, those few erotic minutes that had taken place in the storage room where they had nearly been caught by Evana. She had been in the storage room looking for the latest shipment of ink bottles. They weren’t in their usual spot on the shelf. Apparently, Avie had decided to do some rearranging. Wearing her usual attire, which was never pants, the hem of the dress she had been wearing came to just below her butt cheeks as she was completely bent over when Tegan opened the door. Working with mostly females, she was shocked to her toes when the answer she’d received to her question came back in the form of a deep male voice. Straightening abruptly, his eyes burned a trail from where they had been resting on her ass to pausing on her lips, but once his eyes met hers, she knew she was done for. Hell, the first time she’d met him, she knew she was done for. The man was a distraction beyond measure. A wet dream come to living, breathing, vivid life and she wanted nothing more than to live out any one of the many fantasies she’d had about him after meeting him a few days before. She had felt immeasurably vulnerable as he reached behind himself to quietly shut them in together. Stalking towards her, she took a tentative step towards him on unsteady legs. Before she realized what he was about, he had lifted her up by the waist and set her down on the top of the clothes dryer. Stepping between her parting knees, he’d placed one hand on the outside of her thigh while the other cupped the back of her head. Leaning forward, the silky brush of his goatee tickled her throat and jaw before lazily sweeping across her slightly parted lips. The feel of his masculine features made her toes curl inside her low-heeled go-go boots. Hovering above her as if seeking her permission, she closed the hairs breath distance making contact with surprisingly soft lips. The kiss was a gentle quest, learning the feel of her mouth. His tongue reached out to taste her before venturing inside to meet hers. Barely having even started, she was already clinging to him for dear life. Her hips rocking towards him as she wanted to get closer to his warmth and relieve the building pressure in her clit. Instinctively, the hand resting on her outer thigh moved up to cup her bottom dragging her forward to the edge of the dryer. Her legs spread wide to accommodate him, rolling her hips when she felt her hot core make contact with his zipper and the hard bulge beneath, moaning into his mouth at the contact. Breaking the kiss, he stared hard into her luminous dove grey eyes before slipping his hand between their bodies. His large hand cupped her soaking wet cotton panties, gently massaging her heated flesh. Pushing her panties aside, he never broke eye contact with her when he slipped one long finger inside her sultry heat. His finger began a gentle exploration inside until his thumb joined in, making little circles around her clit. How did he know what would set her on fire? He had her so close to cuming in less than a minute. She couldn’t remember ever being this wet. Reaching up to run her fingers over his goatee, she wanted to taste his lips again, feel the silkiness of his facial hair touching her skin while his finger danced inside her. But he was having none of that when she tried to pull him towards her. Instead, he turned his head capturing her finger between his strong teeth before wrapping his sculpted lips around and sucking her finger in time with his lazy thrusts and circling thumb working out her pussy like he owned it. His touch was so fucking good. She had nearly fallen off the edge of the dryer as she arched back hard when the room shattered around her, splintering into a million pieces. Her hips were still rocking in time with his questing finger when she opened her eyes to find him staring down into her flushed face, the smallest hint of a smile played across his beautiful mouth. The feel of him touching her most intimate flesh so deep inside as she was incredibly sensitive now that she’d cum, made her brazen in her need for him. “Tegan, please,” she had whispered to him, pleading for him to continue, desperately wanting more. She would take anything he would give her just so long as the immense pleasure not come to an end. His eyes were glazed over with his lust as he leaned towards her. She thought he had meant to kiss her, instead he rested his forehead against hers causing her to arch her back and keep her hips taunt forcing her to place her palms behind her and lean back so she wouldn’t fall to the floor. Just the edge of her butt was clinging to the lip of the dryer now, leaving her soaking wet slit to hang over the edge, completely exposed to him and he wasted no time in taking full advantage. Watching her intently, he withdrew, then slowly slid two thick fingers inside her soaking wet heat so deeply that he nearly touched her cervix. Going slowly at first, he watched the ecstasy play across her features before pumping into her a little faster. She knew this would be exactly what he would be doing with his dick and she wanted him inside her more than anything her damn life. Suddenly, three of his immense fingers were thrust inside of her, surprising her that she could be stretched that far. He quicken his pace, fucking her hard with his hand. The feeling of fullness was so incredible that she came without him even touching her clit, marking the first vaginal orgasm she had ever had. It was so different, so much deeper and more fulfilling than any other orgasm before. She had thought the G-spot was a myth, but he had made her a believer. The knock on the storage room door startled them both back to earth shattering reality. For the love… they were in the storage room in the studio and their boss was knocking on the freaking door. “Is everything alright in there?” Evana asked through the wood slab. “Sorry, E. We had to move a few boxes around. What we were looking for was buried deep,” he grinned, thrusting a few more times before pulling his fingers free of her. “Oh, that’s ok. I thought I heard a scream.” “Rayna thought she saw a mouse,” was Tegan’s quick response when she was too mortified to answer. “No shit? I’m calling the exterminator…” Evana’s voice trailed off as she bought into the lie. Rayna sucked in a disbelieving breath when he looked her dead in the eye and slipped one finger after another inside his own mouth cleaning off her response to him. He even licked the palm of his hand making her embarrassed over how wet she had been and still was. Feeling over exposed, she hoped down off the dryer onto legs that wobbled, pulling the hem of her dress down as far as it would go. She could feel that her panties were ruined, stretched beyond anything a washing machine could repair. Her thighs were soaking wet and cooling fast. Her core was still pulsing with every beat of her heart and she still had the feel of his fingers buried inside. She wished with all her heart that he would bend her over that dryer and finish making her his. But, sadly he didn’t, instead he reached inside the dryer and pulled out a warm towel. It was one she recognized as Callie’s spa towels she had made special for her clients. He surprised her again when he leaned down close to her lips to run the tip of his tongue along the seam of her mouth, reaching between her thighs with the cloth, he gently wiped away her orgasms. His touch only made her wetter and the material just fueled her desire with the friction it created. He pulled away giving her a satisfied look before leaving her alone in the storage room. Squirming around in her seat to stave off the spear of lust that always followed that memory, she tried refocusing on her work. Elisa was beginning to squirm as well, but she knew it wasn’t from any lust filled memory, but from the needle on Rayna’s tattoo gun hitting against the sensitive area on the top of her foot. That had been the most erotically confusing moment of her life. What had he been thinking in that moment? She couldn’t help but wonder if he had been playing a game with her, maybe wondering how far she would let him go. For all intense and purposes, she had let him fuck her in that storage room, maybe not with this dick, but that definitely qualified as fucking. That had been months ago and neither one of them had spoken about that moment, nor was it ever repeated but she had caught him looking at her in that same lust filled intense way. She had been caught doing the same to him, but neither one of them had broached the incident with the other. Not long ago, he had walked her home after a night out with the other people from the studio. She was secretly hoping for a repeat of that storage room action once they’d reached her apartment. But she’d somehow gotten on the subject of her late husband and the difficult time his parents were putting her through and had ended up blubbering all over him, crying her heart out until she’d fallen asleep on his muscular chest. He’d stay overnight with her and everyone thought it was some sexual encounter when he was nothing more than comforting her and had fallen asleep with her on the sofa. So romantic, Rayna, she thought rolling her eyes. He probably wasn’t interested in her now that she’d unleashed her crazy on him. On a lighter note, she had gotten a feel of his amazing physique and he was rock solid. Even in that moment of her sadness, there was no denying her attraction to him. Both their lives were complicated at the moment and she hoped that was the reason for their stunted romance. She had her own issues to deal with at the moment and she knew he had his. From what she’d gathered from shop gossip, he was legally separated from his wife that he had left behind in Boston. The girl had some sort of serious issues and he couldn’t seem to track her down for one reason or another, but she hadn’t been privy to his entire story. Stuck as she was between her upbringing and his marital status, she was completely taken with him and knew if he ever kissed her again, her legs would fly open. But, she had been raised by an extremely old-fashioned mother and according to her upbringing, it was a huge no-no to mess around with a married man.

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